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Richard Getz and the Battle for the Top Spot on Google

My name is Richard Getz and it may seem trivial to most, but I am obsensed about being #1 on Google for the term Richard Getz.

I am not really sure where the obsession originated, but I pride myself in telling people 'just search my name' and I am #1 on Google.

But that does not always happen as Google tends to flip me with anther Getz and take my domain Richard Getz and flips it with my Facebook account and my LinkedIn account. Recently my work site will also show up near the top. Very frustrating.

So my efforts to continually tweak Richard Getz into the top spot takes me down an SEO path similar to Alice in Wonderland. :)

The most recent update was to change the home link to Richard Getz and point it back to my main page. I also changed the alt tags in the icons for Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to reflect 'Find Richard Getz on...'.

We will see what, if any, results come from these efforts.

The next, and costly, effort will be paid link building. But only after I spend some time exhausting the free links to Richard Getz.

Of course, with this blog post, I will track the keyword dense usage of Richard Getz from this angle.

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