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Apologetic BP ads get criticism not sympathy

This is a response to the AP article "Apologetic BP ads get criticism, not sympathy!quot; where hypocrisy seems to be a mandate.

"The ads began appearing last week and have been criticized by President Barack Obama, who said the money should be spent on cleanup efforts and on compensating fishermen and small business owners who have lost their jobs because of the spill."

Now if BP said nothing, would they not be criticized for not feeling remorse or keeping the public up to date? Would they not get slammed for being the Big Mean Oil Company that only cares about profit?

Yes, but now that they reach out to the public, and apologize, and promise to fix this mess at no expense to taxpayers, our hypocrite in chief, says the money should be spent elsewhere.

Now either the BP is a greedy company with billions of dollars in profits and therefore can afford both, or they are not and have to spend money more wisely. They can not be both.

Mr. Hayward says he will even honer all legitimate claims, meaning retailers will be compensated as well.

The only complaint that should be is that this message was not put out earlier, and that being only a matter of opinion.

Now if Hayward should step down for this disaster regardless of how well BP cleans it up; should Obama step down for the great recession no matter how well he promises to clean it up?

This is why I do not like politicians on either side who are opportunistic for their own name's sake, rather than making sure the people whom they serve are being served well.

Would it not have been better for everyone if Obama would have accepted the apology on behalf of the people and followed up with 'and we will work closely with BP to ensure full restoration of the Gulf, the beaches, and the people.'?

Yes, that would have been the morale booster. Something went terribly wrong. People took responsibility. Company is going to fix it without expense to others. Am I missing something or is that how this is suppose to go? You do something wrong, you own up to it and work hard to fix it. Why keep pointing fingers if not for political reasons? Maybe if I point fingers at you hard enough, those pointing fingers at me will seem moot?

Mr. President, BP has owned up to their mess and promised to clean it up at no taxpayer expense. Can you do the same?