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What the Republicans Need to do in 2010

In response to Stingray's post Surprise: Democrats to play nasty and dirty in 2010 campaign. In other shocking news, the sun rose this morning.

You really need to yell this a bit louder as I do not think they heard you! My advice to whomever is going to run.

1) Real Conservatism
2) Empirical Facts
3) Teeth
4) Track Record
5) Clear Concise Platform
6) Talk to the People

1a) Most Americans consider themselves conservative, so why not speak to the majority. Tell them what true conservatism is, how it has not been in use for decades, and how, in details, you will bring us back to our roots.

2a) Empirical facts are the best way to fight lies. I am tired of talking points without weight. Candidates need to do their own DD or verify the DD of their staff. They need to post each fact on their site with links to research.

3a) Either have the bone to stand up and fight or just be a consultant for someone else. It is tough out there, deal with it. Forget Attack Ads and use Fact Ads. Let them call it what they want, but when they do, you call them on using ad hominem rhetoric instead of rebutting with facts. When you get called on something you said, have a response already lined up. *Be prepared* Debate as many people contrary to your beliefs as possible. A knife is only as sharp as the number of times a stone is run along it.

4a) Please do not give me speeches on what you *will* do, but what you have done that will support what you are saying. Fight on the grounds that not only do you have the eloquent speech of what should be done, you have the track record of doing it.

5a) Have on your website, months in advance, your platform in detail with links to research. Not vague outlines of what we know should be done. We already know it should be done. How exactly are you going to go about doing it. Let the country vet this information and you can then tweak it. Although most items should already be researched and cross-examined by people on both sides of the argument. No better way to find holes in ones theory than to have opponents point to them. Do this prior to launching the site.

6a) Talk to the people. Not just your people, not just conservatives. Ideas are best formed when they are looked at from all angles. Diamonds are formed from pressure on *all* sides. Now, I am in NO way implying the skewed views of Socialist, Communist and extremist. I am inferring to everyday American conservatives and liberals.

I know this all seems *very* basic, yet I ask why we have not seen this in recent memory. Sorry for the long rant!