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Renting a Photo Booth for your next Party or Event

Having a photographer at an event is great for capturing the event or party as it unfolds. But have you considered having a complete studio photo booth at your party or even also?

First, let me define how my photo booths are different from others. I use the term photo booth as that is what everyone knows this type of even photography to be. But I actually bring an on location studio to your party or event. This includes backdrops, lights, as well as cameras and printer. We can offer so much more with a studio than a booth, as booths are cramped and allow only a few people. I can expand my studio to 10' across fitting several people at once. This also gives you the room to be yourself.

Equally important is the fact that there is a real photographer at the event. Not some light counting down when the picture will be snapped, but a photographer that will assist and prepare the shot. Candid shots are great, but when you want keepsakes, it is best to have someone there that understand how to take the image.

We then print all images on site with a high quality studio printer giving your absolutely beautiful prints for you to take home and keep for years and years. Need 8x10s for a family reunion? We can do that. Need Black and White images? We can do that. Need 13"x19" printed at the party or event? We can do that.

When renting a photo booth in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Maryland, consider the option of having a booth or a full on location studio. Which will impress your guest more? Worried about cost when renting a photo booth? With our photo booth rentals, there are not hidden fees. Simply pay for the time with unlimited 4x6" prints and any additional services you need that are clearly stated on our photo booth rental page.

Everyone loves pictures. They love to hold them and to show them to others. Why wait for weeks after the party or event to share the moments? Take pictures, print them, share them, have fun, take more pictures! Let everyone take pictures home with them. If someone see a picture they like, just come back to the booth and we will print you a copy also. So consider our photo booth rental next time you need to rent a photo booth.

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