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Family Portraits What to Wear

This is a great question and one I am happy to answer, but with a question to you first.

How often do you get family portraits taken?

If the answer is often then you can be very flexible with what you wear, but if the last time you had family portraits done was when your kids were infants and now they are off to college, be more conservative as you don't want to look outdated as the portrait gets older. Having family portraits done yearly allows you to be more trendy as that portrait will be replaced sooner.

I find that having family members dress alike for formal portraits is best. No matter if you are at the beach, garden, or museum, I find similar dress to be more aesthetically, allowing you to focus more on the family than what they are wearing.

If you have a favorite sports team, wear that teams attire at a location of that team such as a football field. It does not have to be that team's football field as you just want to get the feel of the surrounding area to accent the portrait.

I also recommend wearing something that is familiar and comfortable. Wearing something for the first time might be awkward which may show in the portrait.

B&W portraits are really nice as well and when considering these, also consider what, if any, part of what you are wearing or a prop that you might want in color. This is good to figure out ahead of time.

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